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How to Avoid Networking Nightmares that Stop Referrals and Kill Sales

It’s often said that “The size of your Network equals the size of your Networth” so my question is simple – would you like to increase the size of your business and personal bank balance? 

Networking is in my experience an essential business success tool for you to access at a VERY low cost when compared to other marketing opportunities out there. Without a steady flow of contacts, clients and referrals, no business can survive, but it’s so much more than just a marketing tool when used correctly. 

Having run a networking club for over 10 years and spoken at hundreds of events where networking took place, I have seen first hand how people make 7 Deadly Sins and how it costs them connections who could bring them referrals or worse people who could be their next customer.

So I decided to write this book to give you an easy to follow guide to help you make the most of every Networking opportunity.

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