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“Paul is a superb business coach and mentor. I have worked with him since 2004 and through the years he has helped me to develop my own leadership and business skills. This has allowed me to grow my company and ensure its financial stability to levels that I could not have achieved on my own. Paul is of good character. I’ve always known him to be honest, to show integrity and to be hardworking. His skills as a business coach are excellent and continuously improving. Paul seems to put in as much effort to learn and develop himself as he does in coaching. I would gladly recommend Paul as a business adviser and coach.” 

Daryl Fernandes

(MD) Ludger Ltd

“Since working with Paul and his team, our business has seen a dramatic and sustained improvement in both revenue and profit. Paul’s guidance has allowed us to initially define and then focus on delivering on our vision. He has an uncanny knack of being able to think big and excite with his marketing ideas, whilst simultaneously managing the detail that sits around cost management and contracts. He’s also a very nice chap to work with - someone to both celebrate success with as well as being someone to turn to when you need talk through an issue. The end result is a company that not only exceeds our initial dreams but is also more fun and stimulating to run. Paul has been and continues to be a vital element in Eyeful’s success.” 

Simon Morton

(MD) Eyeful Presentations

“We came to Paul with what we though was multi-million pound idea. Paul took the idea and turned it into an action plan. It’s the speed of implementation with Paul that makes all the difference. Now we’re well on the way to achieving our goals. The little extras are exceeding valuable, from the Talent Dynamic profiling to the books he insists we read. Now we have him as a coach, I can’t conceive ever starting a new venture without him cracking the whip behind us.” 

Deepak Singh Udassi

(MD) Let Logic Ltd